• Suitable for wire from 8mm to 48mm
  • Protect wire rope against corrosion
  • Lightweight, allows one-man operation
  • Non-messy operation
  • Reduce lubricant wastage
  • Effectively remove dirts
  • Uniform Lubricanting Process
  • Penetrating to the core of wire rope


VELOCITY Wire Rope System is suitable for use during w wire installation, the lubricants penetrating into the core of wire ropes, the wire will be thoroughly lubricated, hence it can last longer For lubrication of operating wire, it can remove rust, grits and sea water effectively before the lubricants being force to the core of the wire rope.


An extremely use ful tool to identify the condition of the Sheave Groove.
√ Available in 12 sizes √ Designed with a +5% tolerance nominal diameter of the groove.

Sheaves should be checked periodically for wear in the grooves, which may cause abrasion, broken wires and bird caging of the wire rope.

A correct sized Sheave Groove allows a wire rope to pass through unhindered by friction or obstructions. According to ISO 16625, the groove of the drum and sheave should have a diameter within 5% to 10% bigger than wire rope diameter.

To determinate the amount of wear:
• Place the proper size Mordec Wire Rope Sheave Gauge in the sheave.
• Shine a light behind the gauge. Light should not be detected between the gauge and the root of the groove.
• If wear is evident, the sheave should be re- machined or replaced


Tight Sheave

Too small of the Groove compresses the rope and reduces its useful life because the rope will roll into the sheave groove introducing torque and the twist which may cause high stranding and bird- cages.

Loose Sheave

When groove become overly worn or are too large, they may allow excessive movement, which stresses the rope and lead to a reduction of the service life.


Luffing Wire              24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm

Hoiting Wire          31.5mm, 32mm, 33.5mm, 34mm, 36mm, 38mm


‘’MORDEC’’ Mooring Rope Protector is a Flat Polyester Webbing Pad used for the Protection of Mooring Ropes against abrasive surfaces.

Ropes can be easily damaged if subject to rough surfaces or sharp edges. With our ‘’MORDEC’’ Mooring Rope Protector, it will prevent strength loss and maximize the lifespan of your Mooring Ropes.

The Velcro scratch tape, firmly stitched on the sleeve guard, is used for quick & easy installation and removal.


Every piece of our ‘’MORDEC’’ Mooring Rope Protector cone with a traceability barcode which allows an end- to- end traceability system to verify the quality and integrity of our products.

With a very minimum cost set aside to purchase these protectors, you will achieve substantial cost savings in return because your ropes are being protected for a much increased life- span!



High quality brake test kit with compact design and easy to use

MORDEC BRAKE TEST KIT – MOORING WINCH simulates the load on the line by means of a hydraulic cylinder jack, producing a torque on the winch drum.

Its impact design is suitable to conduct:

  • Brake Holding Test
  • To ensure brakes will hold at a given load
  • Brake Rendering test
  • To ensure brakes act as a safety device for mooring lines
  • To ensure brakes will render (slip) to allow the lines to shed its load before it breaks

Easy to use

  • Pressure Gauge- Calibrated to read the calculated Jacking force. No need for conversion.
  • Operation- Designed for one person to install and operate.

Fits standard mooring winch drum

  • Location of the holes to be drilled on the flange on IOS 3730 standard

√ Rugged and Durable

  • Certificate of Conformity provide
  • Pressure Gauge with calibration report

OCIMF and ISGOTT recommend Brake Holding of Mooring Winch:

  • Should be tested annually ▪ Should be set at 60% of ship design MBL